Monday, September 18, 2017

Now is the time to STOP SB 649! Follow the link to sign and fax the letter opposing this dangerous law.  

Written by Telecom companies, essentially making it very easy for several antennas to show up on a telepone pole near you.
From Activist Kevin Mottus: To stop SB649 from becoming law, we need to make a formal complaint to the CA Attorney General whose job it is to inform the Governor regarding the legality of legislation, uphold the law, and protect our rights. This complaint demands that the Governor VETO SB649 based on several legal grounds.
IMPORTANT – We expect the Governor to sign SB649 soon. Thus we ...
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INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING AND SUBMITTING COMPLAINT (Links to Complaint forms below) To stop SB649 from becoming a law, we need to make a…