Tuesday, September 5, 2017

California Stop Senate Bill 649

Forwarded from Josh Hart: 
If you live in California, see below for urgent action to take to stop SB649.
If you live outside California, please pass this message on to CA residents for immediate action.
Proposed bill SB 649 will allow the wireless industry to install large, noisy and hazardous cell tower equipment on all utility poles and street lights in every neighborhood throughout the State - with NO public input! These could start showing up soon right outside YOUR home or your child's school - unless you take action NOW to call your elected representative and tell them to VOTE NO on SB 649.

In spite of the opposition from almost 300 cities in the State and many environmental and social justice organizations.....it appears as if this bill is about to pass the vote in the full Assembly (which could happen as early as Wed or Thurs of this week). 

Please CALL your State Assembly member and tell him/ her to Vote NO on SB 649!

1. email (from their website) your Assembly member to oppose SB 649, and

2. find the phone number for the Assembly member's DISTRICT office on the member's website and make a call to the district office to urge your Assembly member to Vote NO on SB 649.

Here is a good website with more information:

See also this fact sheet "8 Reasons to Vote No on SB 649" published by the CA Alliance for Safer Technology.

Thank you for taking action to show that California will not be irradiated without resistance.