Thursday, July 20, 2017

Here's a post from a community member Jenny Miller on the bill SB 649 making it's way through the Appropriations Committee.  Please read, listen  and take action!

an antenna on most light poles, surveillance capabilities handed to the government--all coming our way, unless people in CA start taking action to stop this bill, SB 649. It would take away the authority of local governments to have any say about 5G wireless technology, or the siting of these mini (but ultra powerful) cell towers.
Studies have shown that people who live near cell towers have a much higher death rate than others in their community, and now we ALL will be living near cell towers. 5G is much more harmful than even previous wireless technologies that the studies are based on. In addition to cell tower linked deaths, there are thousands of studies showing a variety of harmful health effects from our current wireless technology (including brain fog, dizziness, nosebleeds, severe head pains, heart pain and palpitations, ringing in the ears, etc.) If implemented, this bill would greatly increase both the occurrence and the severity of these symptoms, incapacitating large numbers of people
One more hearing to go in the assembly (Appropriations) in late August, before it goes to the floor to be voted on. Hundreds of CA cities and dozens of CA counties are opposing the bill but that has not slowed down its passage.
For a better understanding of what's at stake, listen to the interview with Mary Beth Brangan who was interviewed about SB 649 on Tuesday, July 18, on radio station KPFA at 1 pm Pacific Time (Your Own Health and Fitness). You can listen via the internet by going to where the program is available on their archives. Mary Beth and her husband Jim Heddle have done an amazing amount of video work exposing and warning about much corporate environmental destruction, via their organization Ecological Options Network.
If you live in CA please contact Assembly members (starting with you own Assembly member, followed by Gov. Jerry Brown who has veto power, followed by Assembly Appropriations committee members, followed by any other Assembly member you have time to call) and tell them to OPPOSE SB 649. Since CA legislators will be on summer break for a month beginning July 21, the next month is an ideal time to meet with your Assembly person in their district office to let them know why this bill must be stopped.

Mary Beth Brangan, director of the Ecological Options Network, discusses 5G (the fifth generation of wireless technology) and California Senate Bill 649 limiting local control over the next generation of wireless technology and its implications for human and environmental health--and democracy.