Monday, July 17, 2017

Dear Neighbors and Friends after Verizon dropped the application on Arlington Avenue in 2016 they are back!  Many of us in the neighborhood are concerned about the harmful effects of constant exposure to radio-frequency, the undemocratic process of approval, and the nuisance this installation will cause on an already burdened neighborhood. 

If you are concerned and want to hear more please attend this meeting!

Originally, the Verizon consultant was scheduled to come and present their plan but they have cancelled due to what he called, a need "to make minor modifications". They will show the community their plan in September, but now is time for the community to come up with our own plan!

Community Meeting to discuss the Verizon cell installation planned for the Star Bethel Missionary Baptist Church at 5812 San Pablo Avenue at Stanford and Organize.

Please Come!
Tuesday, July 18th at  The Charles Porter Golden Gate Recreation Center, at 1075 62 nd Street ( in back of the baseball field on San Pablo),  6:30 to 8:00 pm.

The installation proposed would include 12 cell antennas  (generating radio frequency 24/7) installed on the roof facing both Stanford and San Pablo Avenue, and a generator including gas lines on the street level located in the garage.  

Facts:  Once a cell installation is approved and installed it is there forever and the telecom company, in this case Verizon,  has rights to the roof. It becomes the # 1 choice for telecom companies looking to add antennas.  (think cell antenna farm, 24/7 EMF)

This installation is less than one hundred feet from residents, places of worship and sanctuary as well as a martial arts studio serving children.

Safety guidelines for antennas and towers are based on The Federal Communications Act  of 1996.  Though many other countries,  and scientists from around the world  recognize the health risks of non-thermal radiation, including cancer,  municipalities in the United States  are not allowed to deny a cell installation based on  health risks.

Telecommunication corporations  pay churches, schools, and businesses to lease their roofs for installations. ( It’s hard to turn away thousands of dollars especially when you don’t realize the impact on health and safety. )

Don’t wait for Verizon to show up on a telephone pole outside your home!  
Voice your concern, now on Senate Bill 649! Visit

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