Friday, October 27, 2017

Another Victory for the Golden Gate against cell towers!

IT IS WITH GREAT PLEASURE DELIGHT AND GRATITUDE,  I want to let you know the Star Bethel Missionary Baptist Church rescinded their authorization for Verizon to establish a cellular base station on the church! 
The church heard presentations by local electrical engineers and neighbors expressing our concern. Therefore, City of Oakland dropped the plan!  

Thank you Star Bethel and Dr. E.J. Ward! Thank you to all those in the community who offered their efforts; combing through the latest research and letting us know why this project would be so detrimental to the health and safety of our community.  We worked closely with the church and each other.   Congratulations to the Golden Gate Community! Yes, prayers and  hard work.

Will Verizon give up on this area, my guess is NO.  

Come to the Golden Gate Library at 2 pm, Saturday, 10/28, tomorrow.  Instead of preparing for the Planning Commission, let's talk about what worked, talk a big exhale and toast to a victory for our neighborhood. We want to honor the church for their decision and show our gratitude.  Let's talk about how we can protect our neighborhood before another cell plan lands in our front yard.

See you then!