Mr. Thomas McElroy, the owner of the building at 960 Arlington Avenue upon which Verizon wants to place cell antennas, has not yet signed a lease contract with Verizon, so we still have an opportunity to persuade him not to sign.   We have attempted to meet in person with him, but he has refused.  

Below are ideas for a letter that could be used as inspiration for your own thoughts.  

You're welcome to copy and paste if you want to, but your own words are most powerful. 

 Please focus on one area only that you feel most passionate about.  Shorter notes are easier for people to read.  

We ask that you please be respectful.   

 Cell Towers are a Physical and Emotional Health Hazard to our Residential Neighborhood

·         Hundreds of scientific studies links EMF/RF to cancer, infertility, DNA damage, damage to fetuses, sleep and memory problems, behavior problems, and heart problems.  

·         The current FCC guidelines for cell antennas were developed decades ago and ignore the latest research linking microwaves to human disease. 

·         There is no proof that EMF/RF is safe.  The absence of definitive proof of harm doesn't mean the technology is safe.

·         The International Agency for Research on Cancers lists EMF/RF as a Class 2-B Carcinogen – possibly carcinogenic to humans.

·         Recently, in late March, 2015 the Board of Supervisors of LA sided with the Fireman's Union who did not want the City's planned placement of Cell Antennas on all 60+ fire stations in the LA area?   The Firefighter's Union didn't want to risk the health of their members until there was solid research that EMF/RF is not harmful to humans, if Firefighters don't want cell antennas, why would residential neighborhoods? 

·         Why Risk It?  Why would you allow cell antennas on your roof, risking the health and well-being of all of your neighbors, including families and children, elders and hundreds of kids attending Destiny Arts after-school youth empowerment program less than 1000 feet from your building? And why would you risk the health and well-being of the artists that rent your studios, or your tenants?   Would you risk your family’s and neighbor’s well-being?  Why risk ours?          

 You, not Verizon, may be liable down the road for any damages incurred by the Cell facility.  

·         Are you prepared to deal with lawsuits of neighbors who may become ill due to the EMF' and RF's that will be emanating 24/7 into the neighborhood from your roof? 

·         Did you now the Re-insurers Swiss RE and Lloyds currently do not insure cell companies against damages to users health?  Its a risk that insurers believe they could lose money on.

 If you accept the Verizon contract, you may be incurring multiple risks that you don't now have.

·         In addition to potential health-related lawsuits, you will risk nuisance complaints about generator noise and bad feeling from the neighbors who likely face a drop in their home values. 

·         You may have a large liability for the hazardous materials that will be at your site – such as fuels, batteries and other toxins that could result in personal injury, property damage, or environmental destruction. 

·         You risk damage to your reputation.   As the research continues to draw clearer links over time between EMF/RF and disease, how might you be seen as it becomes known that you chose to have cell antennas placed in a residential neighborhood, jeopardizing the community's well-being, including that of children and elders, the artists that rent your studios, and your tenants?

 We Are a Neighborhood

·         Neighbors look out for one another and show consideration for one another.

·         You are our neighbor too, but if you install the Cell Antennas you will be disrespecting your neighbor’s rights to a healthy and safe environment.

·         The Golden Gate neighborhood has worked for years to end blight, graffiti, and endless illegal dumping.  After years of effort by many neighbors, its beginning to work.  We have planted trees and work hard as a community and individually to beautify our neighborhood and maintain our homes.  The cell installation is not compatible with our neighborhood; it does not enhance the livability of our community,  it will decrease our housing values and be an eyesore on Arlington, Lowell, 57th St, and Grace Avenue.